Venezuela 2 Bolivares 2009-2014 – UNC Condition




Available here is an uncirculated 2009-2014 Venezuela 2 Bolivares banknote, a meaningful piece from the country’s monetary history. This banknote, part of the Bolivares Fuertes series, prominently features the portrait of Simon Bolivar, the country’s liberator, on the obverse. The reverse showcases a Venezuelan Cattle egret in its natural habitat, adding a touch of Venezuela’s rich biodiversity to the banknote. The note is in UNC (Uncirculated) condition, without any folds, creases, or tears. Please be aware that the serial number on your note may differ from the one pictured. Perfect for currency collectors, history buffs, or those fascinated with the economic history of Venezuela, this banknote provides a physical snapshot of a significant epoch in Venezuela’s economic evolution.