Mixed Years Sacagawea 1 Dollar Coins (100 pcs) in U.S. Mint Cotton Bag – Circulated




Discover a piece of numismatic history with this set of 100 circulated Sacagawea $1 coins, delivered in an authentic U.S. Mint cotton bag. Each coin pays homage to Sacagawea, the influential Shoshone woman who assisted the Lewis and Clark expedition. The coins, minted in various years, each feature an image of Sacagawea on the obverse and a soaring bald eagle on the reverse. They have been circulated, adding a touch of historical charm and uniqueness to each piece. They are securely housed in the heavy-duty U.S. Mint cotton bag marked with “U.S. Mint Dollars $100.00”. This set serves as a tangible piece of American history, ideal for numismatists, history buffs, or anyone looking for a unique collectible. Please note, the coins and bag you receive may have natural variations and differ slightly from the images due to the circulated nature of the coins.